The Eden Baby was started by two generations of mothers who simply love art, marveling at the splendor of God’s creation, and sharing these things with even the youngest of minds. Whether it’s the excitement of watching your 6-month-old recognize the moon, or viewing the amazing intricacies of bacteria through a microscope with your 6-year-old (yes, biology is a favorite!), nature inspires awe and wonder like nothing else.

From the very beginning, our goal has been to encourage a return to a natural playing environment where children are not overstimulated. By introducing open-ended, non-toxic toys, we hope to promote peace and healthy development, as well as inspire creativity.

We strive to partner with artists who not only aim to produce toys without harmful substances, but also want to have a positive impact on our planet. 

With nature as our inspiration, the boundaries of creativity and imagination are endless.