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Our Story

We are a family run business based on the southside of Atlanta, GA. The inspiration behind our store came out of a journey which started when we had our first child and we started asking the simple question of whether the current baby and toy market is really providing the most beneficial products for our child's development? After our research journey began and the dangers of everything from toxic chemicals to the damaging impact of noisy toys became a clear concern, it quickly led us seeking to create a “safe place” for parents to come for trustworthy goods for their little ones. 

As new parents we found ourselves frustrated as we felt ourselves trapped in a cycle where we purchased a lot of disposable toys which easily broke and ended up in a landfill. We wanted to provide an alternative from this cycle as it was equally as frustrating to our child as it was us.  

Aside from the negative ecological effects disposable toys can have on our planet, we found endless research on how exposure to nature, even being around wood in an indoor setting, is linked to benefits such as improved attention, lower stress, better mood, and reduced risk of psychiatric disorders. Even looking at images of nature can be beneficial. For this reason we believe it’s not just important to have non-toxic toys, but also to incorporate as much of nature into a child’s environment as possible.  Not only are children receiving the physiological benefits, but it also aids them in practically learning to identify the natural world around them. 

Wooden toys are our favorite for many reasons.  They are more durable - which allows for passing on to multiple siblings and future generations, and not to mention the invaluable physical and mental benefits research has shown they have. Even when they are ultimately discarded, wooden toys break down much faster than plastic toys and leave an almost non-existent carbon footprint.  

Perhaps the greatest benefit from wooden toys is the atmosphere which they create. We want to provide parents with products that encourage concentration and skill mastery rather than just keeping their children distracted. Products that are durable, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing, as well as non-toxic.  

We believe whether it’s the excitement of watching a 6-month-old recognize the moon, or a 6-year old seeing the intricacies of bacteria through a microscope, nature inspires awe and wonder like nothing else and with the endless health benefits it provides our children as well as us, it brings comfort and assurance in what we give our greatest gift…our children!