Blankie: Friend or Foe? Why Your Child needs It!

Often times we think of blankies as a nice accent for our child’s crib or car seat, but as they start to become more than that to our child, we wonder if we should be concerned.  Sure, it’s adorable if a toddler carries his blankie everywhere but what if they’re still attached at ages 4, 5, 6....? We start to question if their attachment will cause them to have developmental issues or if they will be teased by friends or family? Will they be insecure as children?

The good news is that our fears are completely unfounded, and in fact – the opposite is true!

Blankies as Transitional Objects 

Blankies – along with any other item of attachment – are called transitional objects. This term was first invented in 1951 by D.W. Winnicott, a pediatrician and psychoanalyst. It can refer to “any material to which an infant attributes a special value and by means of which the child is able to make the necessary shift from the earliest oral relationship with mother to genuine object-relationships.”  In other words, these objects are of great importance in a child’s development as they empower children to become more independent. With the help of their sidekick or comfort buddy, new experiences don’t seem quite as scary or difficult.

Wait! Don't Take that Blankie Away!

Sometimes we as parents think our child’s attachment has gone on too long and we attempt to take away our child’s security blankie, but research has shown that if the object our child is attached to is denied or taken away, attachment difficulties may develop later in life as well as make them more susceptible to pathological disorders. 

 Society seems to look at transitional objects as a nuisance or something that needs to be hidden, but when taken in context as an important part of human development, they should be looked at as a tool that will set up our child for success as an adult!

Some of Our Favorite Blankies!

With so many types of blankies on the market, we thought we would highlight some of our favorites!

Teether Blankies

Teether Blankies are great as they serve a dual purpose! Not only do they offer a snuggly side, but also meet the need of younger infants to chew on something!

Lamb Blankie
Bahbah the Lamb Baby Lovey with Organic Natural Rubber Teether Head is a great choice as it is made from certified organic rubber and organic cotton.  It’s easy to grip for small hands and the neutral fabric is very soothing.

Cuddly Blankies

Soft blankies make the perfect baby shower gift and are great bedtime buddies.  The gentle rattle is soothing and entertaining when baby is awake.

Bunny Blankie

Belina Bunny makes a great snuggle buddy as she is animal shaped and is great for helping baby identify one of their first favorite animals.  With soft fabric and a rattle this will become a timeless favorite.

Cow Blankie

Moozer the Cow is an all-time favorite and helps bring life on the farm right to your little one!

Flamingo Blankie

Finley the Flamingo is a great choice for introducing your little one to birds! With its super soft fabric and knit eyes, it will surely be a keepsake. 

Unique Blankies
With so many choices one of our favorites is Ethan the Hedgehog Comforter with Organic Natural Rubber Teether. It comes with a hedgehog rubber teething ring and fabric textures that encourage sensory awareness.  It’s manufactured socially responsible and is non-toxic, plastic-free and biodegradable.



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