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Grandma Kisses

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Snuggle up with your grandchild and share the wonder of Grandma Kisses! Encourage your little one and embrace the greatness of your love in this adorable board book.

There’s nothing like going to Grandma’s house—loving arms always eager to greet you, warm cookies in the cookie jar, and reading favorite Bible stories in a big, comfy chair.?Grandma Kisses?displays the love and special connection grandmothers share with their grandchildren through sweet, funny prose and adorable animal art.

This cute board book shows

  • animal characters doing their favorite activities together;
  • the bonds between generations;
  • relatable and comforting scenes for little ones; and
  • the happy, growing relationship between grandma and grandchild.

Grandma Kisses is perfect for

  • grandmothers deepening their relationship with their granddaughter or grandson;
  • gift-giving during the holiday season such as Christmas or Valentine's Day where it can be read together;
  • family gatherings, baptism, communion, baby shower or dedication, or read-aloud time at a grandparent's home; and
  • parents reminding their child of grandmother’s love, humor, and kindness.

This sweet story is available as a board book and is also offered in a picture book format titled?Grandma Kisses and Hugs—an expanded edition that has even more pages of Grandma love.